Dermaplaning uses an extremely fine, sterile, surgical-grade scalpel to gently scrape the surface of your skin, removing layers of dead skin, oils, and fine hairs. The technique can only be performed by licensed professionals who’ve been trained in dermaplaning. Although using a scalpel might sound scary, the blade is held at a very precise angle and moved slowly across the very surface of the skin to achieve deep exfoliation without causing pain or damaging your skin in any way.

Dermaplaning leaves skin super smooth, creating an ideal base for makeup application. Plus, because dermaplaning removes dead skin, hair, and other surface “barriers,” moisturizers and anti-aging products will be able to penetrate your skin far more efficiently and at deeper layers, letting you lock in their benefits for better immediate and long-term results. In fact, dermaplaning can be great “pre-treatment” for other services, like chemical peels and deep facials. Plus, since the special blade removes the upper layer of dull, dry skin, regular treatments can help improve your skin’s tone and texture while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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What to expect during a dermaplaning session

Dermaplaning treatments can be very relaxing. Your session begins with a skin preparation treatment, using products designed to gently cleanse your skin and remove bacteria and other germs from your skin’s surface. Next, an expert aesthetician will glide the surgical scalpel across your skin, holding it at a specific angle to remove those fine hairs and scrape away the dead skin and embedded oil that can cause your skin to look dull and make lines and wrinkles more visible. Blade movements are fast and feathery, with just enough pressure to remove that superficial layer of debris without harming the healthy skin underneath.

Your treatment typically will move from your forehead down your cheeks to your chin, taking care to avoid your nose, lips, and eyebrows. Once your treatment is complete, special moisturizers and other skincare solutions will be applied to your skin to minimize any minor redness or irritation and rehydrate your skin. Depending on any other issues you have, we may apply other products as well to maximize your results. While a single session can yield great results, most patients opt for ongoing dermaplaning sessions, either before facials and other treatments or on their own, to maintain fresh, soft, smooth skin.

Dermaplaning has become increasingly popular during the past year as more people discover the results and benefits it offers for both women and men.