Semaglutide: Diet Booster Program


When diet and exercise aren’t enough, give yourself a boost with this program! It’ll increase your results from your current regiment and bring back your motivation.



Under the expert guidance of the Ferguson Clinic | Beauty Defined Team, our diet booster program melds revolutionary Semaglutide medication with established MedSpa technology to assist you in shedding weight, melting away fat, sculpting muscles, and firming up your skin. The outcome is a more slender and firmer physique, all without altering your existing diet and exercise routine.


Found in: Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus. Compounded semaglutide, is commonly mixed with a base of sodium or acetate plus B12 or L-carnitine.

What it is: Semaglutide was developed in 2012 and released for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in 2017.

How it works: Semaglutide is in a group of medications classified as GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide 1) agonists. “An agonist is something that activates a receptor,” explains Dr. Daniel Rosen, a board-certified bariatric surgeon in New York City. “A GLP-1 agonist activates a GLP receptor by mimicking the biological peptide GLP-1. In contrast, an antagonist would block a receptor without activating it, effectively preventing the biologic hormone from doing its job.” When the GLP-1 receptors in the pancreas are activated by the medication, it results in reduced appetite and delayed glucose absorption due to slower gastric emptying.

In layman’s terms, GLP-1 is a hormone that your body produces to help it process food for energy. It lowers the amount of sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream and slows your digestion. This helps you feel fuller longer and results in eating less. This, in turn, aids in weight loss.

Joe Baczewski, RN, founder of LIVation in Madison, Connecticut, compounds semaglutide with carnitine. “Semaglutide has the intended effect of stabilizing blood sugar and reducing food intake. The problem that all GLP-1 peptides have is, there is no control over where you pull from for the lost caloric intake. For energy, your body breaks down glucose, followed by lean mass [muscle], then fat. Carnitine helps our patients to skip glucose and lean mass and primarily break down fat.”

Side Effects: All of these medications have side effects that can include nausea, constipation, and/or vomiting. Serious but rare side effects include pancreatitis and gallbladder disease. If you are pregnant or have a history of medullary thyroid cancer, you should not be prescribed any of these medications, says Dr. Kumar.

Semaglutide face, AKA “Ozempic face”, “Wegovy face”, “Mounjaro face”, or even just “weight loss face”, can occur similar to how people who have achieved major weight loss end up with sagging skin. Your face can start showing signs of aging, jowling, hollowness from this loss of volume. It can be corrected with dermal fillers. Juvederm Voluma is a popular and amazing dermal filler used to add back volume to the midface. It can provide you a total restoration of this volume lost.  It is an injectable gel for the cheek area to correct age-related or weight-related volume loss for anyone over the age of 21.

Other Uses: “Our clinic, with full disclosure to our patient, has been able to use semaglutide off label to help with alcohol cravings. The control it provides these patients is exceptional and will need to be further evaluated by research.”“There are a number of studies being done on the effects of GLP-1 agonists on addiction, depression, mental health, and chronic inflammatory illnesses,” says Baczewski.

Over the counter option?:Thanks to TikTok and a nationwide shortage of some of these drugs, some influencers have started touting over-the-counter supplements, such as berberine, as a substitute. It’s not, according to our experts. “No over-the-counter supplements have the same efficacy as these medicines,” says Dr. Kumar. “Some supplements could show very mild similarities—but not to the degree of these pharmaceutical agents. For example, research has shown that berberine also can reduce blood sugar [fasting blood/plasma glucose] in some people with prediabetes and/or type 2 diabetes, however, it is unlikely to suppress appetite or be helpful for weight loss.”

So no, berberine does not work like a weight-loss drug. And as with anything you inject or ingest, you need to be aware of side effects, contraindications, and potentially dangerous interactions.

“Dietary supplements do not need to be FDA approved, which means their safety and efficacy is not always known. Supplements should not be taken in lieu of medicine. People interested in weight loss should consult a doctor specialized in obesity medicine first, to discuss safe and effective options,” says Dr. Kumar.

Zayas, Dory. “The Differences Between Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Saxenda, and Other Popular Weight-Loss Drugs.” RealSelf News, 16 Oct. 2023,

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