We're Proud Partners of the GetHairMD™ Network!

GetHairMD™ is a network of experienced physicians knowledgeable in all forms and causes of hair loss and is a one-stop shop for all hair loss solutions. All the way from nutrition, prescription topicals, at-home products, laser treatments, stress maintenance, and on to minimally invasive FUE hair transplantation.

Along with the hair loss solutions we provide today, we constantly stay ahead of the technological curve. For example, we are the first in the United States to offer the FDA-cleared TransDermal Infusion, which delivers our pharmaceutical-grade hair growth serum deep into the follicle.
At GetHairMD™, your hair is our business. And we are committed to being the one place you will ever need to go for each and every medically-approved hair loss solution that you might need throughout your hair growth and maintenance journey.

We are passionate about our patients receiving the life-changing results they want and deserve. With our extensive line-up of hair loss solutions and our network of world-class physicians, we are able to do just that!

Our motto is our mission: Keep. Improve. Grow.

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Regain Your Confidence

GetHairMD™ gives you the power to restore your confidence and reclaim your hair. With safe and effective treatments tailored to meet your individual needs, GetHairMD™ offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to treat excessive hair loss, thinning or balding due to various factors. You don’t have to suffer from hair loss any longer—with GetHairMD™, you can achieve natural-looking results.

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What is GetHairMD™ ?

The medical community has proven that to get the best results, you must take a multi-modality approach.

GetHairMD™ offers this approach by combining multiple treatments such as nutrition, prescription topicals, at-home products, and laser treatments into one comprehensive package. This allows patients to receive the most effective treatment for their specific condition without having to visit multiple specialists or try different treatments on their own.

GetHairMD™ also provides access to experienced physicians knowledgeable about all forms and causes of hair loss. With this expertise, they can advise on managing your hair loss best and create an individualized plan tailored specifically for you.

Who is a GetHairMD™ Candidate?

GetHairMD™ is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who is experiencing thinning hair or balding due to genetics, age, or other factors.

The treatments are medically-proven to be safe and effective, and they can help you achieve natural-looking results with minimal pain and no downtime. Issues GetHairMD™ can help resolve:

  • Alopecia Areata (patchy baldness)

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • Thinning hair due to aging

  • Post Menopausal Hair Loss

  • Diffused Hair Loss

Real Results

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