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At Beauty Defined, we take your skincare seriously, and we'll ensure you experience the very finest facials, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and other skin treatments available in Honolulu, HI. Whether you're looking to remove years from your face or reduce the appearance of acne, scarring, or other skin conditions, we'll help to revitalize your skin and bring out your inner beauty.


We offer a wide range of beauty services to meet your unique needs.

From facials and laser hair removal to dermaplaning and chemical peels, we ensure your skin is healthy and beautiful.


Beauty Defined is the Medispa-focused side of The Ferguson Clinic, we have over ten years of experience providing effective, gentle, and replenishing skin treatments for clients across the country. Our customized facials are targeted to your skin's unique needs and your skincare goals. From exfoliation and deep pore cleaning to rejuvenating masks, moisturizers, and treatments, we'll ensure your skin has a healthy, natural glow and is beautiful to behold.

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Ready to unlock a world of beauty excellence? 🌟✨ Slide into our DMs or visit our website to learn more about the Beauty Elite VIP Program and how you can be part of the ultimate beauty experience.

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Struggling with stretch marks? Discover the magic of rf microneedling with PRP, a natural way to empower your skin`s healing and beauty.

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Thank you primemedspa on Tik Tok for sharing your results <3

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The Limited Collection: Micro Facial Program embodies @zoskinhealth approach to natural skin radiance and is designed for at-home care. See the products featured in this amazing kit, with benefits including:

👉 Physical exfoliation to sweep away dead skin cells + debris that create a dull complexion.

👉 Chemical exfoliation to renew, brighten + clarify the skin`s appearance.

👉 Fruit enzyme exfoliation to loosen the bonds that keep dead skin cells together, clearing away flaky skin.

👉 Calming hydration replenishment to minimize redness + discoloration and infuse the skin with light hydration.

Pop into Beauty Defined MediSpa, visit our website or contact us via DM to order yours!

Thanks to Carina Dahl on TikTok for sharing her skincare travel routine!

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☀️✨Say goodbye to July with a glow that lasts.

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🌞 Sun-kissed skin needs TLC! ☀️ Our SkinCeuticals products offer the perfect combination of soothing, hydration, and redness relief. Heal, glow, repeat! ✨ After you are fully healed, our Revepeel Enlighten RX chemical peel will destroy any hyperpigmentation and deeper levels of sun damage! 💆‍♀️ #Skincare #SunDamage #sundamagedskin #aloe ...

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Let the sun kiss your face, but remember to show your skin some love with this ultimate after-sun companion! 😎💕

Get it as part of our Sun Recovery Package this month and save $60! https://www.thefergusonclinic.com/product/sun-recovery-package/

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Let the sun kiss your face, but remember to show your skin some love with this ultimate after-sun companion! 😎💕
Get it as part of our Sun Recovery Package this month and save $60!
#SunCareEssentials #SkinSavior #PhytoCorrectiveMist #SoothingHydration

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Our quality skincare solutions are priced to match almost any budget and make an excellent gift for a cherished loved one. With convenient appointments available throughout the week, you can stop in during your lunch hour and be back to your day quickly. Your consultant will meet with you to understand and evaluate your skin's unique challenges and offer practical and affordable treatments that you'll love. We also have flexible financing options available here.


"I had a Cellfina treatment for cellulite and I'm super happy with the results! I had bruising on my buttocks for about 2 weeks, but after the bruising subsided you can clearly see that I have no more dimples. I tried creams and fascia blasting for years and nothing worked. Dr. Ferguson and his team made me feel so comfortable and the procedure took no more than an hour. I paid $2500 for the procedure and thinks it's totally worth. I highly recommend Beauty Defined if you live in Hawaii and want to be cellulite free." — Stef  H.  ★★★★★

"I am a first-timer with cosmetic surgery and anesthesia, so I was a bit nervous about committing at first. In addition, I was flying from an outer island just for the surgery, then back again shortly after. I'm so happy with the results, where to start? ... I'm LOVING the results and they will probably see me again for some "tuning up" in the future. I can't believe I waited so long..." — Kelly S.  ★★★★★

"Had a great experience today at Ferguson Clinic! The staff was friendly, the space is clean and comfortable with nice views. Tanya was so helpful in explaining the procedure and gentle during it. Appreciated the time she took with me! And will definitely be back!"
— Nikki P.  ★★★★★

"I’ve been going to Ferguson Clinic for over a year now and have been seeing May V. for my laser hair treatment and acne hydro facial treatment. She is kind, caring and very professional at what she do. The clinic is very beautiful and clean and I must say, the staffs are nice and welcoming. I highly recommend this clinic to get treatments done by May :)" — Cereza L.  ★★★★★

"This clinic has been my go to for facial improvements through the years.  I love my aesthetician Tanya is an expert in her field and loves her job making people beautiful.  She's like a girlfriend I get to spend an hour with that brightens my face & my week. They have amazing specials, once you get past groupon and buy direct is where it all works out."
— Lisa T.  ★★★★★

"I wanted a Mommy makeover and got consults with several docs in the area. By the time I consulted with Dr. Ferguson, I had limited my request to just a tummy tuck with lipo since I thought that was all I could afford. When his quote came in reasonable, I was able to upgrade my procedure to a full mommy makeover. I'm now 1 month PO and couldn't be more thrilled." — Elle F.  ★★★★★