Are You a Candidate for Lipo?

If you are looking for a way to sculpt your body and remove unwanted fat, you may have heard about a popular procedure called SmartLipo™. SmartLipo™ is a minimally invasive liposuction technique that uses laser technology to melt away fat and tighten skin, and at The Ferguson Clinic, we can perform this procedure for our customer’s convenience. Book an appointment today!

What Is SmartLipo™?

SmartLipo™ is designed for individuals who are at or near their ideal body weight and have specific areas of localized fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. SmartLipo™ can be used to treat areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, arms, chin, and neck.

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Minimally Invasive

SmartLipo™ is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. However, like any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Individuals with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmune disorders may not be good candidates for SmartLipo™ Talk with our team today to learn more!

Skin Elasticity

Skin elasticity is an important factor in determining if SmartLipo™ is right for you. SmartLipo™ can help tighten loose skin, but it is not a substitute for a surgical lift. If you have significant skin laxity, our team may recommend a different procedure.

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Realistic Expectations

While SmartLipo™ can remove stubborn fat and improve body contours, it is not a miracle cure. You will still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain your results.

 At The Ferguson Clinic, we are the preferred clinic for SmartLipo™, and if you are interested in this procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience to learn more! Before deciding if SmartLipo™ is right for you, we suggest you consult with our certified team of experts to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.