Gallery of Before and After Photos from Clients Across Hawaii

We are in the process of updating our Photo Gallery with uncompressed images. Meanwhile you can see the below cases in full resolution and many others in our office when you schedule a consult.

Cosmetic surgery can be one of the biggest decisions a person makes, and it isn’t one to take lightly. While Dr. Ferguson has an impressive collection of accolades and experience (we urge you to view these on our About Page), nothing is more powerful than seeing his handiwork first-hand. On this page, we are proud to show you the work Dr. Ferguson has done on clients across the state.

From simple brow lifts to full tummy tucks, you can see the dramatic transformations that are possible when you trust Dr. Ferguson’s skilled hand with your dream body. If you have any questions about the procedures you see here, just give us a call at 808.521.1999 and we will be happy to give you more information.

Surgical Case Studies

Each case study provides an overview of the patient's aesthetic goals as well as a detailed description of the techniques used during the procedure. It also features an unretouched* photo gallery to show you realistic results. Thumbnails feature before photos, click to see the results!

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Our goal is always to respect the privacy and comfort of our patients. We thank each of them for allowing their images to be used for public education. *Photo backgrounds have ben digitally removed. Nipples,tattoos, moles, birthmarks, or other identifying features are blurred upon patient request.