Sensus TransDermal Infusion®


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What is TransDermal Infusion®, and how does it work?

The Sensus TransDermal Infusion System is a Class II FDA-cleared biophysical alternative to infuse high molecular weight modalities into the skin for medical and aesthetic purposes without needles, pain or downtime.

How TransDermal Infusion™ Works

  • Electrical Current Pulses flowing through the extra cellular matrix produce a transient change in the microstructure.
  • Utilizes the skin’s water based “channels” allowing the delivery of macromolecules and micromolecules through the skin.
  • No cell injury (low current intensity used does not cause skin damage or injury)
  • No endothelial or micro-vascular damage.
  • Controlled electrical pulsed delivery.
  • No modification of the ionic drug solutions pH and no electrolysis effect of the ionic solution itself.
  • Iontphoresis does not need any skin pH-compensating patch, pre-charged compounds, or other media to successfully deliver the drug.
  • Transdermal Infusion can infuse any modality up to 2 million Dalton Weight.
  • Carrier mediums may be introduced to volumize certain modalities.