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Forma is a skin technology providing dermal and subdermal heating to improve overall appearance with smoother skin and a more radiant glow. Radiofrequency travels via electrodes to deliver a non-invasive and pain-free treatment. Built-in temperature controls allow the treatment to reach optimal end-points safely and effectively. There is no downtime; this is a “lunchtime procedure” meaning you can do it on your lunch break and return to work that day. For best results, a series of 6 sessions is recommended.

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Forma is a customizable treatment that uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to heat the skin with real-time temperature control, treating and improving skin to reveal a radiant appearance.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Red Carpet Ready with FORMA

1. Get that Celeb Glow:

One of the hottest treatments in Hollywood lately is INMODE  FORMA. What FORMA does is stimulate the production of new collagen while improving your skin’s laxity. It accomplishes this by using radiofrequency energy technology to heat the deeper layers of your skin to a controlled target temperature. After just one visit, you’ll be leaving your provider’s office with skin that feels refreshed, looks years younger, and radiates the glow that is common on that red carpet.

2. Forma gives Immediate & Long Term Results:

Immediate skin contraction is achieved while completing this procedure to get you event-ready for that “model look.” You will notice higher cheekbones and a more defined jawline. For events, we recommend coming to the office on either the day of or within 2 days before the day of the event. For optimal results, a treatment plan of 6 sessions is recommended.

3. No downtime:

The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the lower face, jawline, and neck – and can be completed during your lunch break. You’ll return to work without any noticeable redness or swelling. It will be our little secret 😉

4. Comfortable and Relaxing:

The procedure is pain-free and feels like a hot stone massage. Most patients find this relaxing and often fall asleep while reclined in our cozy office chair.

5. Non-invasive:

FORMA is a great option for patients who wish to avoid injectable treatment or surgery. For those who are not emotionally or financially ready, this is a great alternative to a traditional facelift with the benefits of stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin, which also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For a more intense approach, try Morpheus8 microneedling with rf.

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