Breast Aug w/ Crescent Lift: Patient #1989220

Patient Overview:

The patient is unhappy with the size and positioning of their breasts.  The right breast is 1cm lower than the left with the nipple areolar complex 2 cm lower. There is a 4 cm pinch on the left. The parenchyma is primarily mammary tissue. The breasts are wide. The nipple areolar complexes are of normal size, shape, and sensation.

Surgical Case Study:

  • Reviewed the length of their thorax and the low attachment of their breasts. I explained that I cannot elevate these
    attachments. My goal is to utilize SSF implants to improve her upper fullness.
  • After reviewing the options they elected to undergo bilateral augmentation mammoplasty with limited dual plane placement of SSF-415 implants via inframammary approach.
  • After reviewing the procedure, postoperative care, and residual scar I have recommended a left crescent mastopexy. The procedure
    and the scar were reviewed.