Benefits & Risks of Breast Implants


Get Informed

You should learn about breast implants and then carefully consider the benefits & risks associated with breast implants and breast implant surgery before you make that decision. The review and understanding of this document is a critical step in making the decision whether you should choose breast implant surgery.  This form lists important risks, including those known or reported to be associated with the use of the device based on information from clinical trials, scientific literature, and reports from patients who have undergone device placement.

When considering breast implants, it’s important to know the benefits & risks. This document covers information on:

  1. Considerations for a Candidate for Successful Breast Implantation
  2. Risks of Breast Implant Surgery
  3. Risk of BIA-ALCL
  4. Systemic Symptoms/ Breast Implant Illness
  5. Breast-Implant Specific Risks
  6. Recommended Follow-up
  7. Questions for My Physician
  8. Options Following Mastectomy
  9. Breast Augmentation Options
  10. Confirmation Of Discussion Of Risks

This Patient Decision Checklist is intended to supplement the additional patient information documents that should be provided to you by your physician. You should receive patient information documents that include important information about your specific breast implant, as well as a boxed warning and Patient Decision Checklist. After reviewing the information in the patient information documents for the specific implant that will be used, please read and discuss the items in this checklist carefully in consultation with your physician.

A breast implant is NOT a lifetime device. The longer you have your implants, the more likely you’ll experience a complication and need a reoperation requiring the replacement or removal of the breast implant. As many as 32.4% of women who received breast implants for augmentation had their implants removed within 10 years, but your implants may last for a shorter or longer period of time. Some of our patients have had their implants for over 20 years.