Healthy Hair Package


Transdermal infusion treatment of Skin Savers Hair Growth & Strength Solution plus one month’s supply of vitamins to take at home.



What is TransDermal Infusion®, and how does it work?

The Sensus TransDermal Infusion System is a Class II FDA-cleared biophysical alternative to infuse high molecular weight modalities into the skin for medical and aesthetic purposes without needles, pain or downtime.
  • Electrical Current Pulses flowing through the extra cellular matrix produce a transient change in the microstructure.
  • Utilizes the skin’s water based “channels” allowing the delivery of macromolecules and micromolecules through the skin.
  • No cell injury (low current intensity used does not cause skin damage or injury)
  • No endothelial or micro-vascular damage.
  • Controlled electrical pulsed delivery.
  • No modification of the ionic drug solutions pH and no electrolysis effect of the ionic solution itself.
  • Iontphoresis does not need any skin pH-compensating patch, pre-charged compounds, or other media to successfully deliver the drug.
  • Transdermal Infusion can infuse any modality up to 2 million Dalton Weight.
  • Carrier mediums may be introduced to volumize certain modalities.



U.SK Hair Growth & Strength Serum

Hair loss is a frequent complaint that affects both men and women. U.SK Hair Growth & Strength helps to reverse this hair loss, improving the anchoring, thickness and density of the strands.

Nutrafol Men: Vitamins

A clinically tested, daily hair growth supplement for men with excess shedding and decreased scalp coverage who want to take a proactive approach to hair thinning. Our patented technology visibly improves hair growth and thickness by multi-targeting root causes like stress, poor nutrition, and aging—with 100% drug-free, natural ingredients that don’t compromise sexual performance. Part of the inspiration behind Nutrafol was that one of our founders was seeking an alternative solution for his own hair growth issues after experiencing years of sexual dysfunction caused by other therapies. You can rest assured that Nutrafol hair growth supplements are made with 100% drug-free, natural ingredients that improve hair growth without compromising sexual performance. For more information visit the Nutrafol website.